Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Lieselotte unterwegs

Wie Ihr sehen könnt, hat es Lieselotte in Leipzig in der Stadt und auf der Buchmesse gut gefallen. Und sie hatte sogar noch Gelegenheit für Abstecher nach Berlin und Dresden...


mlaiuppa hat gesagt…

Perhaps Lieselotte would enjoy a vacation in Italy.

I can take her with me and take a few photos of her along the way.

I've done this before for a friend's child was doing a "Flat Stanley" project.

Of course, I suppose security might wonder why I have a stuffed cow in my luggage.

Alexander Steffensmeier hat gesagt…

I'm sure Lieselotte would LOVE that :o)
I hadn't heard about the Flat Stanley project before. What a cute idea.
Best wishes,

mlaiuppa hat gesagt…

Each child in the little girl's class lay down on paper and an outline was drawn around them. They then colored themselves and cut themselves out. The girl's flat self was folded up and mailed to friends. When I received her I took her to my school for photos with my class and in the library. Then I took her to the zoo and Sea World to have people hold her while I took pictures of her visiting places in my city. Then I folded the image and mailed her back with the photos. It was a fun project.

Lieselotte is small so I will take her with me and see if I can get some photos of her visiting Florence, Venice and Milan.

I will take her to a few places in my city too.

This may be a fun activity for FISCHER Sauerland to do as a future project on their website.

FaBa-Familie aus Bamberg hat gesagt…

Schade das ich nicht auf der Messe war.
Meine Schwester war dort, leider habe ich ihr vergessen das Sie unbedingt bei dir vorbei schauen muss.
Liebe Grüße Marie