Freitag, 11. Februar 2022

Wimmelig ins neue Jahr

Zur Zeit sitze ich an einem neuen, ganz besonders wimmeligen Lieselotte-Buch. 
Noch bin ich mitten in den Bleistift-Skizzen, aber da der Verlag für seine Vorschau ein paar fertige Seiten benötigt, gibt es hier auch schon einen kleinen Vorgeschmack in Farbe:

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mlaiuppa hat gesagt…

These illustrations remind me of Storybookland at the original Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. It was my favorite as a child and still is 60 years later. You go on a little boat through Monstro the whale's mouth and inside everything is very small. Not quite dollhouse small but still small. Little houses, little boats tied to little docks, tiny hedges and tiny topiaries. Little bridges and roads. There are little villages of the different Disney stories and fairy tales.

The little maze and the fountains and greenhouse all remind me of it. This is what I love about the Lieselotte books. The attention to detail and the little surprises on all of the pages if you slow down and really look at them. And of course the chickens are hilarious.

Alexander Steffensmeier hat gesagt…

Thank you for your kind words!
Miniature worlds are always quite charming, aren't they?
As a child I was very interested in insects and always liked the thought of them having their own little parallel world right there in our garden... :o)