Samstag, 11. November 2017

Laterne, Laterne

Hier sind – passend zum Martinstag – ein paar Bilder aus dem Projekt, mit dem ich gerade fertig geworden bin:

Was zwischen dem ersten und den letzten beiden Bildern alles so passiert, kann man dann in einem neuen Lieselotte-Pappbilderbuch erfahren, das im nächsten Herbst erscheint.


mlaiuppa hat gesagt…

I went to Germany during the summer in the '80s and remember a lovely lantern festival. It wasn't St. Martins as it was summer. I don't remember the town I was in but I went to a park in the evening that had a small creek or river and I remember there were little floating candle lit lanterns floating down the water and lanterns hung from the trees. It was really quite pretty. I have no idea what celebration it might have been and was surprised as I didn't know anything about it until I was in the middle of it.

I do have some Wendt and Kuhn children figurines carrying lanterns but didn't know there was a festival associated with it.

I will keep my eye out for this book.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke! Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf die witzigen Details!!!!! Regina

Alexander Steffensmeier hat gesagt…

Hi mlaiuppa,
paper lanterns are of course a nice thing year round, and especially in the summer, when it's more fun to stay outside after dark.
But this procession of children with lanterns ist a special custom in many German-speaking countries around St. Martin's Day. Sometimes there's even a St. Martin on a horse and a reenactment of the St. Martins legend. Usually St. Martins cape doesn't get cut in half for real, but is velcroed together, so it can be re-used every year ;o)
It's quite a big deal and the kindergartens start crafting the lanterns weeks in advance.

Alexander Steffensmeier hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank, Regina!
Ich hoffe, das Buch wird Euch gefallen. Ein bisschen müsst Ihr Euch leider noch gedulden, das Buch kommt dann ja erst im September oder Oktober 2018 in den Handel.