Montag, 27. November 2017

Lieselotte stapft durch Europa

Passend zur Jahreszeit sind gerade mehrere neue Auslands-Ausgaben von „Lieselotte im Schnee" erschienen.

Jetzt können die Kinder in einigen weiteren Ländern erfahren, was passiert, wenn Lieselotte nach einer kleinen Toilettenpause nicht mehr weiß, in welcher Richtung es zurück zum Bauernhof geht. 

Zum Beispiel in Luxemburg ...

... in Polen ...

... und in Italien.

Ich freue mich sehr, dass Lieselotte (bzw. „La mucca Carlotta“) jetzt auch in Italien gelandet ist. Der Verlag Gribaudo hat zeitgleich auch eine italienische Version von „Lieselotte lauert" veröffentlicht.


mlaiuppa hat gesagt…


I hope you're a hit in Italy. With two books out, if they sell well, maybe they will contract to publish the rest. You have plenty of them now. This will put money in your pocket.

BTW I really liked the latest book, Lieselotte will not take a bath. I especially liked the added little paintings in the pictures of the frogs, chicks, little bridges and umbrellas and other details. These are the small details that children will find and adults might overlook. They are delightful. This book I am going to use Google Translate to translate every page as I want to know more of the story than just the pictures can tell me. My German is not good enough to really follow the story. I may take it to my Mother's house so she can enjoy it too. She is 88 and speaks fluent German. But I'll take the translation with me too as it's been a while and there are some words she doesn't know or remember any more.

I am really looking forward to the book with the lanterns. So happy will ship to me in the U.S.

Alexander Steffensmeier hat gesagt…

Thank you for your kind words!

The small details are a lot of fun to draw. I always liked books that reward repeated reading. And I hope it makes it more enjoyable for the grown-ups, too, since children often demand having the same story read to them several times :o)

When I was in Poland this summer for some children's workshops, I used a Google translator app, that allowed me to see some text (a sign, a poster, a restaurant menu...) through the camera of my phone and superimposed the translation over the words in real time. That worked surprisingly well. That might be a nice alternative to typing the German text into the Translator by hand.

I hope you have a enjoyable christmas time! And give my best wishes to your mother!